HouseMoves will conduct your Estate Sale from start to finish

A profitable estate sale is one that generates a significant amount of revenue from the sale of household items, antiques, collectibles, and other goods found within an estate. Here are some key elements that could contribute to a successful and profitable estate sale:

  • Quality and Quantity of Items: The estate sale should have a large selection of high-quality items that are in good condition, including furniture, artwork, jewelry, and other valuable items. The more items available, the more opportunities there are for buyers to find something they want.

  • Pricing Strategy: The pricing strategy for the estate sale should be reasonable and based on market value. It’s important to price items to sell while still making a profit.

  • Effective Advertising: Effective advertising is key to attracting potential buyers to the sale. This includes placing ads on social media and other relevant online marketplaces.

  • eBay: Many items may receive the most money on eBay.  We are a top-rated eBay powerseller with over 2,500 items sold and 100% positive feedback.

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